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The Final Word is a radio show from Pastor Jim Andrews of Lake Bible Church in Lake Oswego that plays in Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Be sure to visit: jim-andrews.org (Interested in purchasing Polishing God's Monuments Hard copy, email jima@lakebiblechurch.com or call 503-699-9840 ext: 202)


Jim Andrews, Senior Pastor – Lake Bible Church Email: jima@lakebiblechurch.com Church Phone: 503-699-9840 (Ext: 202) Mobile: 503-320-1012


If you are interested in partnering up with us, drop me an email: jima@lakebiblechurch.com

Broadcast Schedule

The Final Word can be heard weekdays on the following stations:

Portland, Oregon
KPDQ FM 93.9 at 7:00PM
KPDQ AM 800 at 9am and 5:30PM

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WORD FM 101.5 at 9:30PM
WPIT AM 730 at 6:00AM

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The Finalword Blog

Introduction to Philippians

A lot of Christian sentiments don’t carry the same force when they are written from ‘Happy Valley’ as when they are penned from harsh conditions. This very personal letter, full of tender feeling for a church close to the heart of the Apostle Paul, was written from the bowels of a dungeon in Rome. Paul’s [...]


Introduction to Esther

As an illustration of the marvelous, secret hand of God working through circumstances, events, and human beings to orchestrate His desire and design, the book of Esther is an absolute classic example of God’s wonderful providence at work. Some have been troubled that God is never mentioned in this book, strange for a sacred book. [...]


Introduction to “Breaking the Ties and Bind”

Believers are people in process. Though regenerated with renewed minds and hearts for God, the undertow of the flesh is still with us in the mortal body. Some old habits or reflexes give way to grace immediately, but others stubbornly cling to us like mud splatter. These dishonor God, grieve the Spirit, wound our conscience, [...]